viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Leona Lewis: the world of R&B

This time I'm gonna talk 'bout Leona Lewis. 
Yeah, don't you know who's she? Of course, you do! Leona Lewis is a British Pop and R&B singer from the UK. Leona was born in London, England. Since she was young, she showed an special tallent about music. Of course, that was her dream. At first, the British singer tried to record some songs and compositions, though it wasn't successfull at all. For a while, she nearly decided to give up, 'cause she thought she wasn't good enough to be a singer star. But his boyfriend told her to present the X Factor, and thanks to that, she became what she actually is.

In 2006, she won the British X Factor, one of the most valuable TV tallent shows worldwide, but it was just the beginning. 
In 2007 she released her first album, Spirit, which included the greatest hit from the British singer until this moment: Bleedgin Love. How many times have you sang 'Keep Bleeding, I Keep, Keep Bleeding Love'? Yeah, that's right. That awesome song became not just popular or recognised in everywhre, that song became inmortal!
This album contains lots of good songs, such as Better In Time, Take A Bow, Run, Whaterver It Takes and much more. My favourite among them? Better In Time and Whaterver It Takes.

In 2009 she released her second studio album, called Echo. This album included a song that became popular almost instantly: Happy. She released that song as a single, at first, and after that, she published the song including it into her new album. In my opinion, her second album was a perfect reflect of her evolution as a singer through the time: better songs, a better voice and better compositions and styles, sweeter trembles and good-made bass. My favourite? This time I'm not at all sure, but I'm going to dare and I'm gonna tell you: Love Letter and Stop Crying Your Heart Out.

Her third studio album was released just a few months ago, on 2011. In this case, she included a new style on her songs: the songs are more rythmical and the style reflects a party night, even a dance style. This album includes her studio single Collide, now well-known all around the world.

For me, Leona Lewis isn't just another singer more. She has a perfect control over her voice, and she can do whatever she wants without feeling weary or tired about singing. Her voice is so colorful and can reach the highest trembles and the lowest bass. That's not natural and not common to everybody. Only she's willing and able to do it, and to make everybody enjoy her music and her style. The R&B is nothing without her, without her we couldn't appreciate how much good R&B sounds. That's not a conventional singer, that a R&B and Pop worlwide star, now and forever! :)

jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

One Direction...more than u think :)

One Direction. I love these magic words. 
One Direction is a boy band from the UK, who was raised up a few years ago in the already mentioned country. One by one, and when they don't know about each other, they (separated) decided to entry the UK X factor. The jury considerated that they were good, but not good enough to sing single songs, so they give them a opportunity: create a boy band including the five fantastic guys. And so it's how the idea was born. They passed the next round, and they become almost instantly one of the most valuable and famous bands on the UK, and in most of Europe.
Through the time, they've become much more than a simple boy band or a group of pretty boys...they're nearly a religion.
That's not easy to decide who, among them, is the best, but everyone has got his/her preferences. Mine, for example, is Liam Payne. His voice is clear and sweet. He's lovely and pretty, and far apart from his physic appearance, he's kind and so, so cute. The rest of members on One Direction, named Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, are as good as Liam, even better than him (it depends about people opinion). Zayn, for example, is maybe the best singer on the boy band, because of his voice's clearness and his professionality when singing, and Harry Styles is perfect in every situation. By the same way, Niall is the best when singing in the bass, and Louis is the best too when singing in the tremble. And, of course, they all ensemble are not good, much better....they're perfect!

It's not easy to choose the best composition from them. Once again, everybody has its own opinion, and every opinion is as respectable as all them. But I have already chosen, and I'm not gonna change easily my decison about that: One Thing. One Thing was one of their most popular singles. At first, they released an acoustic version, with guitar and their five beautiful and melodious voices singing at the same time, and not too long ago they have released the official music video, filmed in London. In this case, the official single includes bass, drums, and everything you expect on a single like that. My opinion? That's not a song. A song can be good, not good at all, famous, popular, hated....but that's not a song, and if it was a song, I have to say is one of the best of all times. That's the best theme I have heard since many time ago, and though some people think it's not good at all, or even not good as their other compositions, I have to say that I fell in love with the song since the first time I listened to it. It's so magic! *-*

But the other themes are still amazing. Gotta Be You and What Makes You Beautiful are quite good themes from this boy band, and I sometimes waist my time singing them or even playing them on the piano. No words to say how much I care about them. No words to say how much love the way they sings, dance...and compose.
They're even good-looking in every situation. The clothes they decide to wear, their unique style, and their hairstyles are not quite good or fantastic...just perfect!

So that's my verdict: you can't judge them before knowing about them, they deserve to be respected and not to be considerated as a simply fanatic boy band. They're much more, they are kind in everyway, polite, committed to others' problems, and they're humble as no one. Is there a price to pay all that? I think there's not, and in either case, we have to learn from them how to be, because they are what we want to reach :)

A sweet voice from the North: Yohanna(:

Yohanna Gudrum was born in 1990 in Copenhague, Denmark. When she was a young girl she wanted to become a professional opera singer. It hasn't been like this, but I've got to say it has been even better. 
In 2009, her own country's delegation chose her to represent Iceland on the 54th Eurovision, held in Moscow (after Bilan´s victory). 
It was not at all bitter as they thought at first...better said, it was so sweet and happy. She got the 2nd position, only behind Alexander Rybak's Fairytale! And that's a great achievement: nobody has reached Rybak's record on the this TV show.
Yohanna's style is nearly untaggeable. She's able to do whatever she wants: pop, rock, country,... even opera. She's perfect at voice, at singing, and her voice is so depured, sweet and slim. Her songs inspire to feel good, and free too. They look like a bird flying alongside with the wind, like a cold whisper from far away, like a bright white cloud raised over the sun. Definetely, I have to say that I have no words to describe how beautiful does her voice sounds, but I give you a special chance: listen to her :)


martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Silent Wings :)

Es un amanecer pletórico en una tibia mañana de mayo, una caricia suave que el viento imprime sobre tí al abalanzarse pradera abajo. Es un suspiro descontrolado que la luna esboza sobre la plata del prado. Una noche de blanca luminiscencia, un reflejo sobre un lago. Es una caricia ilusionada, un tesoro bajo el mar enterrado. Es el agua que emana de mis sueños, y el columpio donde se mecen mis miedos. Es la melodía de la pura nostalgia, que ha venido a este rincón de mi alma, a colmarme de noche y magia. Porque son las silenciosas alas que baten en mi interior, en la fría noche, en el mundo, yo.

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

En el Muelle de San Blas

Pocas canciones expresan como ésta el dolor y la aflicción unidos a la espera. Perdemos el corazón, cuando el tiempo nos separa.
"Y el tiempo se escurrió,
y sus ojos se le llenaron, de amaneceres;
Y del Mar se enamoró,
y su cuerpo se enraizó,
en el muelle.
Sola, sola en el olvido;
sola, sola con su espíritu;
sola, sola con su amor el amr;
sola, en el muelle de San Blas"

jueves, 5 de enero de 2012


2011 no ha sido el mejor de mis años, pero no por ello he de bajar la guardia. Miro con ilusión hacia este 2012 que acaba de entrar, porque la vida da muchas más vueltas :)

The Time I Lost

Aquí tenéis el book que hice los otros días, en compañïa de unas modelos excepcionales: Paloma, Luna y Cristi. El resultado ha sido bastante satisfactorio, y la espera merece bastante la pena. De entre todas, he escogido delicadamente estas 20 instantáneas, además de la portada. El book fue realizado en Málaga, en el muelle 1 del puerto y en la céntrica calle Larios...y sin más, disfrutadlo :)