lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

No Milk Today

No Milk Today was a song from a group called Herman's Hermits, recorded so long ago, in 1966. But I didn't discover the song until I listened to Alexander Rybak's version, which is lovely and so melodious. For this ocassion, Alexander changed the arrangemet and introduced some violins featuring his sweet and soft voice. The result? a beautiful version, maybe even better than the original one, that floods into your heart and fills you with something rare, unidentifiable, but nostalgic, and somehow sad. A song I will remember and I will sing along, with strength, as Alexander, that great singer, did at once.

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Thirty days to go

Today is 26th April, and from now on, only a single month separates us from the Europe's biggest TV show. Just a month to reach the date with capital letters, the music worldwide party. And, as time gets closer, Azerbaijan gets ready for the biggest event in the Caucasian history, maybe since it was stablished after USSR end.
As in every edition, the Stage building has just begun. Everything should be ready to mid-May, and it probably will be. Azerbaijan's authority has done it so well, and the country is ready to host the biggest Europe's event. The stage will be great, according to its architect said, but we don't know for sure how big will be in comparaison with Germany's. If it's bigger, it will be a great achievement, and if ti's smaller, it doesn't mind: Baku has enough atraction to make it even better.
Thirty days to dream, rehearse, and get ready for Eurovision. Thirty days to let our dreams fly and dream of winning Eurovision. Thirty days to go! :)

martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Ell & Nikki, the reason why we'll go to Baku!

As you know, this year the Eurovision Song Contest arrives to the capital city of Azerbaijan, fair Baku. It's possible after a rememorable winning hit, performed by two artist whose name is already famous all over the world: Ell and Nikki. Running Scared is currently the Eurovision hymn, and a reason to meet in Baku next 26th May. But before going to Baku, do you want to remember how great it was?
14th May, 9.00 pm, Düsseldorg - Germany. Lena Meyer, 2010 edition's winner, opens the 56th song contest featuring Stephan Raab. 10.30 pm, aproximatively. Ell and Nikki, Eurovision's most famous duet, takes the stage and performs a magnifique song that will come a great hit, Running Scared. During the performance, a fireworks rain drops over the two artists, whose voice raises the Arena's top and the viewers heart. No words to describe it. 00.00 in the night, aproximatively. Azerbaijan, a country that was no favourite to win Eurovision, wins the contest for the first time in its history, scoring an overall of 221 points. Ell and Nikki, so excited and incredulous, take the stage once more to perform their song twice, and to close the 56th Eurovision with a smile. Has it sounded good? 
Indeed, it was really great. I surrend, I've got to say that I voted for them, I even tweeted Eldar before the contest, and somehow he thanked me about all my supporting. I really congratulate them, they deserved it too much, and they did simply their best on stage, with an impressive staging and two angel voices. I remember every minute, every second, and every moment is now a memory inside my mind I couldn't let tun away. So, this year, welcome to Baku! (:

A special piano piece

Someday, I don't remember exactly when, I listened to this magical piano piece. Someone was playing this beautiful tune, and this great arrangement, on a piano, but sweetsly and softly. It was so beautiful that I decided to search for this piece. Yesterday, I finally got everything I needed, and today, I want to share this master piece with all of you.
This piano piece was composed by a Japanese composer called Ryuichi Sakamoto, but all its success is due to a extraordinary film about the Second World War, titled 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence', whose plot tells the story of an Enlish commander who arrives a Japanese concentration camp, and tells all what happens to him and his friends and partners. The story is so sad, as the song, and everytime I listen to it I feel sorrow and weary, but somehow I feel glad. The enjoyment is on the play button!

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

It's My Time

Even the title reflects how wonderful this song is. Yes, this is, today, the best British entry on Eurovision for, at least, ten years, and it was young and fair Jade Ewen who got it, amazingly, but truly. Featuring one of the most relevant British composers of all times, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jade's performance was without any doubt one of the best that eve, and everyone of us will remember with a smile on the face how great did her it, and how small came the stage during his brilliant performance. No words to describe how good it was.
Jade Ewen was dressing a very fine dress, nearly white. On stage, amazing Andrew Lloyd Webber, sat on a black piano, as black as the stage. And those four violinists, performing live to make the performance more and more amazing. And then, it all starts. It was time for Jade, whose voice raised that Olimpiski Arena, meanwhile everybody inside the biggest arena on Eurovision history was acclaiming her spectacular performing.
That's why the UK, after many years of poor results, got the fifth place and came what it was once. Jade's voice left her body, and blowed her soul. Listen and enjoy!

sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Should've Known Better

Just 35 days before Eurovision Grand Final and it seems we have no time to lose. In a few days, operators from all over Europe will start building the stage, and after that, the rehearsals and good evening Europe! But before imagining all that, I have done this review about Denmark's 2012 entry, performed by Soluna Samay.
The song is called Should've Known Better, and since it was released, it has reached, amazingly, the top five of this Eurovision Song Contest. We really wonder how beautiful will it sound inside Baku Crystal Hall, but unfortunately, we have to wait a month.
The tunes on this song are so sweet, and personally, it reminds me of Anna Bergendahl's entry in 2010. Even Soluna looks like her, and even her is from a Nordic country (Denmark, in this case). A ballad from sweet pages predicted to fly high, so high, but how much? For the moment, they're questions without answer, but 26th May we'll see how amazing did it Soluna. Until that moment, good luck Denmark!

jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

This is the Baku Crystal Hall

Waiting has been really worthy. Since Azerbaijan's authority authorized the construction of this amazing arena (which will held Eurovision 2012 shows) we have spent almost nine months waiting, but for some days, Baku Crystal Hall has been finished succesully. Truly speaking, Baku Crystal Hall is not as big as Esprit Arena, last Eurovision venue, and maybe it will be so small to held a huge competition as Eurovision is. But, on the other hand, Baku Crystal Hall is a very recent construction, so techninc and modern, and its design is really good-looking. It has a capacity of 23 thousand people, but it will be reduced to 16.000 because of the stage, green room and other settings required by the European contest. In the next days, operators from different enterprises will start building the stage (which desing hasn't been revealed until this moment) and in middle May every contestant will take the stage to rehearse their performances. Time flies!
A video in (you can perform it in 1080 HD) that reflects the arena's nature. After that, some photos taken just after the stadium was finished (includes acoustic version from 'Running Scared').

Apart from that, recently we have known that the 2012 hosts will be Eldar, Leyla and Nargiz. It will be quite amazing(:

martes, 17 de abril de 2012


As in 2008, Greece presents for Eurovision another lovely singer, young and really good-looking, called Eleftheria Eleftheriou. For the moment, her song, Aphrodisiac, has received many good critics from so many reviewers in Europe. They find it motionful, bright, really sexy and so suitable for the contest. Then, I wonder if amazing Elefheria will be next May 26th the next Helena Paparizou. I do know for sure it would be difficult: Eleftheria is not at all among the favourites, and though she was among them, this year every song is an unique universe, and almost every country is a clear candidate to win the contest.
Personally, I like the song because of its rythm. Though to don't want to, you're about to dance, there's no way out (as the song says) and you truly end dancing as a maniac. The chorus is, somehow, one f the most catchy on this Eurovision, and probably it will be a summer hit not only in Greece, but in the whole world. I just can't wait for next May 26th. Day by day, it's coming more and more exciting and interesting!

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Dare I Say

Once more I'm here to talk about my sweetest, greatest, and most wonderful idol, my dear Alexander Rybak, the guy who showed me that impossible is nothing, the one who brought back a smile to me. And this time, here you are another ballad from this fantastic Norwegian singer. And, as always, a great one, with a great orchestral arrangement and so sweet and wonderful tunes, which make me feel amazingly fine, happy and glad. 
Dare to live your dreams, dare to reach your purposes, dare to smile everyday, dare to kiss, and be kissed, everyday, everywhere, whenever, whoever, always. Dare. Nothing will happen if you don't have a try, then dare, and make the world yours. 'Cause dare I say, you're amazing in everyway. Listen and smile! (:

Je T'aime

Last year, the great Azerbaijani singer Eldar Qasimov, who, featuring Nigar Jamal, brought back to home the 56th Eurovision held in Düsseldorf, performed some wonderful song, in English and French, during Azerbaijan's preselection shows. But there's one of them I specially love. The one I'm talking about is called 'Je T'aime', and is from the famous French singer Lara Fabian, being considerated on of the most romantic and powerful ballads of all times.
The song is really beautiful, and so wonderful to play and sing. Inside a small theatre, in center Baku, Eldar performed this great song with his sweet and amazing voice, and made everybody stand up after his master performance, which I remember as it was just yesterday. I even cried the first time I listened to it, so I remark the beauty of this magical ballad by Lara Fabian, now performed by the always-amazing Eldar Qasimov, that amasing singer who tweeted me several times and thanked by the same way my supporting along the contest. I wish good luck before final, and finally he won. That night was a night that will be inside my mind (and inside my heart) and no one will be able to make that feeling come out from my mind. Listen, it's simply magical!

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012


Since Loreen won the Melodifestivalen 2012, her succes through Europe has grown up like wildfire. With maybe the most amazing staging on the whole Eurovision Song Contest 2012, the Swedish singer (though she was born in Morocco) has become the very favourite to win the 57th edition of the European contest. Almost all bet houses in Europe have settle the Swedish hit, Euphoria, on the first place, and it seems that things are not going to change easily.
Anyway, the Swedish singer will have a good time and a great performance inside the Baku Crystal Hall. Audience will enjoy it, and though she doesn't get a great amount of points, it will be great too. Her great voice looks even more amazing day by day, and some questions (without answer, just for the moment) are waiting to be answered by those who are going to prepare her performance, her clothes and everything on her performing. We expect too a lot from the organisers, in this case, Azerbaijan Official Broadcasting Corporation, which will put a good stage to perform on. Finally, I want to wish lots of luck to Loreen, winning will be something great, and bringing the contest to Sweden will be a great -but sweet- achievement!

sábado, 7 de abril de 2012

När Jag Blundar

This year Finish entry is much more than amazing. The Nordic country presents a very cute ballad with lyrics in Swedish, which will be performed in Baku by Finish singer Pernilla Karlsson, a twenty-one aged girl whose voice is amazingly warm and sweet. A beautiful cello tune features her amazing performance, which is, in my opinion, one of the best on this year's Eurovision Song Contest.
The song's title is 'När Jag Blundar', or better said, in English, 'When I Close My Eyes'. The tunes included in this beautiful song are magic and not at all loud, but slow and quiet, wonderful. Apart from all that, a professional dancer dances across the stage along Pernilla's performing, which is going to be one of the most clapped (if audience has got enough critic capacity) inside the Baku Crystal Hall. For the moment, I just wish the best for Pernilla, and I'm sure she will be able to pass the semifinal, and who know if even to win Eurovision. Good Luck Finland!

viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

L'amore è Femmina

Italy gets better year by year, we are witnesses of this amazing fact. Last year, the Mediterranean country presented a great song that got the second place, titled 'Madness of Love', a complete masterpiece by Raphael Gualazzi, maybe the best pianist on the past edition, with a spectacular staging and a very jazzistic song, which made a half Europe fall in love. This year, once more Italy will present a great song, again in Italian and English, performed by young and beautiful singer Nina Zilli.
The song, titled 'L'amore è Femina', which meaning in English is 'Love Is Female' has received a great welcome from all critics all around Europe. The song is so rythmic, and somehow reminds me about Madness of Love, maybe because of its jazzistic touch and the wild melodies, wonderfully performed by great Nina. A very interesting song, and a very good bet to represent Italy. Will this year be Nina's gold night? 

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Baku 2012 | 50 days to go

From today, Baku seems to be 50 days away. Just 50 days to reach May 26th, to discover how magic Eurovision 2012 will be! Most of us are excited about this, but for the moment, we haven't much information to bring. We wonder how big the stage will be, what dress, suits, and others will the contestants dress along the fantastic show, and, of course, who'll win and bring it back to its country. 42 countries will be fighting, but for the moment, I just can offer you this amazing video about the venue city, Baku. Here you are! :)
In addition, today I open a new quizz to mesure which country is this year the favourite to win. Join it, please, and enjoy! :)

Memories Box: Me and My Guitar

During the last years, Belgium, one of the founding members of EBU, has got so bad positions on the Eurovision score. In most of cases, the small country hasn't reached even the great final, with so low positions on the draft (the last one in 2009, for example). But 2010 everything was different.
That year, Belgium was represented by young singer (and guitarist) Tom Dice, who got the second place on the Belgium X Factor and performed the amazing song 'Me and My Guitar' inside the Fornebu Arena, the auditorium that held the 55th Eurovision of Europe's biggest TV show.
His performance was maybe one of the most applaude and acclaimed during the show, so much so that even the Belgian singer couldn't avoid a little laughter during his performing. That year I voted for him, of course! I supported him when he entered Eurovision, and even today, as a great singer and a great songwriter too. I go beyond, I voted for him twice: in the first semifinal, and after that, in the final. I found his performance so lovely and nearby to us, and I really believe he deserved to win the contest, though it was amazing Lena who won it with an overall of 249 points (I must to say that her song was so catchy and rythmic). Above all, I enjoyed too much his performing, Tom did his best that year, and get, for the first time in many years, the sixth place for his country, which is a place reserved for the best countries in Eurovision. Here you are the song, and some pictures. 

miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012


This year, Romania's entry on Eurovision sounds spectacular. Almost everyone put this amazing song, titled Zaleilah and performed by Mandinga, in the top 5. And I still believe that's the most reasonable thing in the world: this song is perfect. The Romanian artist sings it in Spanish, with a very melodious and rythmic chorus written in English, which includes the word 'Zaleilah', which is, apart from that, the title of this amazing song.
I don't know for sure if this song is going to become the winner next May 26th, but for the moment, it has so many posibilities. One of them is that this incredible song makes you dance, and I warn you that it's impossible to stop dancing once the song has started. So listent to it properly, and enjoy, it's magical. If it wins or not, it doesn't mind. We'll have fun in Baku enyway!

Memories Box: In A Moment Like This

2010 was a great year on Eurovision history, no doubt. Countries all around Europe presented as many magical ballads as they could, spreading throughout the Telenor Arena, Oslo, a magic and matchless ambiance. And just included on top five we find this amazing song, 'In A Moment Like This', which was performed on the Norwegian stage by Chanée and N'Evergreen, a successful singers couple raised up in Denmark.
The song's chorus is so catchy, sweet and powerful. Maybe because of that, the audience from all over Europe (specially from Nordic countries) voted for this song massively, so much so that they got amazingly the forth position, breaking down all polls from main bet houses, which clearly bet for Azerbaijan, Norway or Israel.
During their performance, the stage became something more: a beautiful staging, where they used many amazing technincs, and a very suitable ilumination that made the Fornebu Arena even brighter. Who has ever sung 'In a moment like this, wanna know, wanna know, wanna know what you're looking for' at least for once? I do, and I guess you do too. The song, indeed, became very popular, the most popular on that edition just after 'Satellite'. Here you are, a song to remember.

martes, 3 de abril de 2012

My very First Kiss

Along his career, the always great Alexander has composed a quite enough quantity of ballads. Almost all the songs from the Norwegian singer belong to this amazing and lovely genre. But, among all them, we have to remark this one. I guess Alexander was quite in love when composing this beautiful song, which tunes and melodies are warm as the sun, and cold as the frost, both at the same time. I'm not able to remember how many times I have listened to it exactly, but I think I have spent many beautiful minutes of my life listening to this incredible piece.
In adding, I have to remark about its beautiful orchestral arrangement, which is so cute, sweet and slow, as if a porcelain white finger was pinching the strings with a delicate beat. On the other hand, it reminds me some kind of march, above all because of its bass, so wonderful and magic, and about a fairytale too, as he did long time ago when winning Eurovision with his amazing Fairytale. 
There's one thing I know completely for sure: though the wind blows so strong, though the sea floods over us, though the sun is so brightful that we can't see, I will never forget this beautiful tune, forever buried in the deepest place of my mind.

lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Never Forget

A few years ago, just in 2009, Yohanna got the second position for her country. Though she did her best, it wasn't enough. This year, Iceland hopes to, at least, repeat that position, and if possible, get it better. So much so that Iceland is about to send two quite good singers (one of them is a true violin master) with the amazing and spectacular song 'Never Forget' which is, after Spain and Germany, the song with the best valoration on YouTube. We know perfectly that it doesn't mean almost anything, but, of course, it's a great way to predict that this year Iceland is about to get a good position in the chart.
The singer's names are Gréta Salóme, a successful violinistic with a very depurated technic and good skills to play  the violin as no one does, and Jónsi, a handsome singer who perfectly adapts his voice to this amazing song, powerful and violent, sweet and tuneful. Baku is fifty days from here, and, for the moment, Iceland is settled ahead. Good luck to Gréta and Jónsi!

Time is almost over

Quedan ya casi cincuenta días exactos para que tenga lugar, en el neoconstruido Bakú Crystal Hall, la final del concurso musical televisado más visto y exitotoso del mundo, Eurovisión. Paralelamente a la proximidad de tan señalada fecha, las delegaciones de todos los países que concurrirán al evento ya han publicado, a través del canal oficial de Eurovisión en YouTube, sus music videos oficiales, de los más escuetos a los más artísticos e innovadores. Y para claudicarlo todo, el music video más esperado por todos nosotros: Pastora Soler y su 'Quédate Conmigo`, que lejos de la tónica eurovisiva en España de los últimos años, está dando un vuelco, incluso a las encuestas. Tanto es así que muchos ya la ubican en un hipotético top five, que si se consiguiese, sería desde luego una merecida posición para la española, que va a Bakú a por todas.
Este es el music video del que vengo hablando. Una puesta en escena sencilla, algo tenue, con unos pocos de focos en el plano trasero, como si se tratase del backstage de algún programa o evento, en el que Pastora Soler interpreta la canción magistralmente y con una expresividad sobrenatural, acompañada de dos bailarines que danzan y realizan complejas posturas para poner el broche definitivo a la estampa. Sin duda, una gran music video, para una gran canción.