viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

L'amore è Femmina

Italy gets better year by year, we are witnesses of this amazing fact. Last year, the Mediterranean country presented a great song that got the second place, titled 'Madness of Love', a complete masterpiece by Raphael Gualazzi, maybe the best pianist on the past edition, with a spectacular staging and a very jazzistic song, which made a half Europe fall in love. This year, once more Italy will present a great song, again in Italian and English, performed by young and beautiful singer Nina Zilli.
The song, titled 'L'amore è Femina', which meaning in English is 'Love Is Female' has received a great welcome from all critics all around Europe. The song is so rythmic, and somehow reminds me about Madness of Love, maybe because of its jazzistic touch and the wild melodies, wonderfully performed by great Nina. A very interesting song, and a very good bet to represent Italy. Will this year be Nina's gold night? 

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