jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

This is the Baku Crystal Hall

Waiting has been really worthy. Since Azerbaijan's authority authorized the construction of this amazing arena (which will held Eurovision 2012 shows) we have spent almost nine months waiting, but for some days, Baku Crystal Hall has been finished succesully. Truly speaking, Baku Crystal Hall is not as big as Esprit Arena, last Eurovision venue, and maybe it will be so small to held a huge competition as Eurovision is. But, on the other hand, Baku Crystal Hall is a very recent construction, so techninc and modern, and its design is really good-looking. It has a capacity of 23 thousand people, but it will be reduced to 16.000 because of the stage, green room and other settings required by the European contest. In the next days, operators from different enterprises will start building the stage (which desing hasn't been revealed until this moment) and in middle May every contestant will take the stage to rehearse their performances. Time flies!
A video in (you can perform it in 1080 HD) that reflects the arena's nature. After that, some photos taken just after the stadium was finished (includes acoustic version from 'Running Scared').

Apart from that, recently we have known that the 2012 hosts will be Eldar, Leyla and Nargiz. It will be quite amazing(: