sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012

When The Music Dies | Sabina Babayeva

Once more, Azerbaijan's entry for Eurovision is again perfect. The singers who sings it, called Sabina, reminds me, because of her sweet and powerful voice, of tallented American singers such as Beyoncé, and fills up my senses with a very depurated and fragile, but pretty melody that I can't stop from singing. Somehow, this song has many opportunities to bring Eurovision back to Azerbaijan, a year more. I know it's really difficult, and only a few people have got it. But dreams are everywhere, and who knows if the 26th May's eve Eurovision sleeps once more in the Caucasian paradise. Good luck Sabina!

Here you are some pictures taken from the official music video. I have to remark that this amazing music video is, in my opinion, the best one on the whole 2012 Eurovision.


Looking Backwards

Last week I was in Córdoba and Ronda on a trip. I go nowhere without my camera, so this time it was not different: me, a bit of success and much luckm that's all. During the trip, I took some magnifique photographs that reflect the perfect atmosphere. Right here, I show you them. Enjoy!

Music during a break

Some days ago, I was studying music (next month I've got the main exam, and I can't fail it not at all) and, during a break, I decided to take some photos that reflect that moment perfectly. Here you are :)

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

#StudyingMusic | Sicilienne Op. 78

Y aquí sigo, como ya casi es (o va a ser habitual), estudiando flauta. Hace unos pocos días (bueno, el sábado sin ir más lejos) encontré por Spotify una versión de la Siciliana Op. 78 de Fauré tocada al violoncello. La verdad es que es preciosa, es indudable. Debo decir que haberla escuchado antes me ha solucionado bastantes problemas a la hora de estudiarla, porque la verdad, con tanto matiz, cresecndo y esforzando, cuesta desarrollar una ejecución perfecta sin descartar ni un minúsculo detalle. Pero bueno, parece que todo va viento en popa. Espero que cuando llegue mayo, y me toque hacer la prueba (aún no tengo fecha) lo haga tan bien como me ha salido hoy :)

Beautiful Song | Anmary

The days pass, and day by day, we discover new songs from the constestants. Today, it's time for Latvia.
The Baltic country is about to present to Baku a song titled 'Beautiful Song' and performed by the Latvian singer Anmary.
The music video is not so much superfluous, and spread gladness among as. I find it as a very positivie song, and a good way to raise your soul. I think the song is beautiful and impressive, and I think also that the performance inside the Baku Crystal Hall will be greatl, according to this amazing music production. What do you think?

domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

The First ESC Quizz

May 26th is getting closer, and as the different contestants are chosen, people start to make their own bets. Here, I have posted a small quizz, which haven't included many songs (the official is about to be posted) and here you are the results of this first impression:
The winners, with an overall of 12 points each one, are Loreen (Sweden) and Jedward (the twins from Ireland). The second place is for Roman Lob (Germany) whose song has reached the top in many eurofan charts. The forth place is for Pastora Soler, and the fifth one, for Ivi Adamou (Cyprus). The latest position in for the French entry, You and I, performed by Annggun.
As I said, I haven't included some countries, but don't worry: today, I'm gonna put on air the next quizz about your favourite singers on the 57th Eurovision. So Europe can start voting....NOW!
Loreen and Jedward: the 'today' winners.

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

I Don't Believe In Miracles | Superhero

Alexander can sing and put his voice to everything. Here, there's a perfect example.
In 2009, some producers from Russia filmed the first Russian production about a Superhero: Black Lightning (or Chernaya Molniya in Russian). At the same time, Alexander composed a song titled 'I Don't Believe in Miracles', which became instantly popular all around Russia and Belarus. The song, about a superhero, became later in the main theme of the Russian film, and reached the top in all Russian music charts.
This song is not in English, but in Russian. The orchestral introduction is so beautiful, and Alexander's voice, as always, stays perfect, strong and sweet. The music video, filmed in Moscow, includes several scenes from the film, and shows how Alexander can make much more than a simple song. The magic of superheroes, brought by the best of all them: Alexander Rybak. Enjoy the video :)

Sola y No te olvides de mí | Diana Navarro

Diana Navarro es una cantante especial para mí, de aquí de Málaga, la ciudad que me vió nacer, y que vió nacer a esta gran maestra. Diana ha interpretado magistralmente gran número de baladas, y ha hecho del flamenco y de la copla un campo que vuelve a su cauce, y que vuelve a vivirse como antaño. Pero entre toda su extensa discografía, entre todas esas magníficas obras, sello indiscutible de su talante y de su poderío vocal, encontramos esta pieza, que representa el punto culmen de su carrera, el trabajo de su vida, y que lleva por nombre 'Sola'. De nuevo, la malagueña desplega todo su poderío vocal en un ambiente de olas y aromas que la envuelven en el fino manto de manila de la Málaga que guardo en el recuerdo. Disfradlo.
 Además de 'Sola', otra de las canciones a cuyo triunfo debe su fama, es 'No Te Olvides de Mí', cuyo estribillo se ha convertido en todo un recurso magistralmente empleado, y familiar a toda Málaga. La belleza de esta pieza, como vengo advirtiendo, es sublime, y la proyección de la voz de la joven malagueña, simplemete perfecta. Disfrutadla también.

Lo acompaño de algunas fotos que he tomado esta misma tarde, al atardecer, y de otra foto, de la cantante.


Here you are the Estonian entry. This year, the Baltic country has selected a ballad called 'kuula', which meaning in English is 'listen'. The singer who performs this sweet ballad, nostalgic and impressive, is Ott Lepland, and who knows if he will do hir best in Baku. For the moment, we can enjoy the music video, posted some days ago by the Eurovision Official YouTube profile, and filmed in a grayscale. I have to say that this song isn't among the favorites, but we cannot predict what's about to happen, so doors aren't closed for anyone, and everyone could be a perfect winner.

That's for you, with Lalalove.

The contestants on this Eurovision has just started to post on Eurovision's YouTube Official page their first previews and music videos. The results, for the moment, are simply amazing. Here you are the Cyprus entry for this year. The music video is great, and spreads a lot of quality. The singer, Ivi Adamou, has been working hard along all this time to prepare it and create a spectacular cinematographic production. Enjoy right now the magic, with LaLaLove!

The sun dissappears

A serie of photographs taken during sunset.

Spring is on the way.

Today is seventeenth March. Spring is on the way, and you can realise of that in almost everywhere. In the country, flowers begin to grow up, their colorful petals have just opened, and a magic breeze (and a sweet natural parfum) involves everything around you. The sun lights stronger day by day, and the warmth can be noticed even at night. The stars shine of a different colour, and everything looks more beautiful. It's spring, who knocks at our door to end up with the winter, and let summer come. 
Enjoy the photos! :)


This time, Zeljko Joksimovic, one of the most well-known composers in Serbia and all around Europe is the one who'll represent Serbia in Baku. The song about to perform has been titled 'Synonym', though in Baku this ballad will be performed in Serbian, and not in English. This beautiful song (maybe the most beautiful on this edition, with Roman Lob's one) was composed by Zeljko and contains some beautiful tunes that remind about the Balkan countries. The violin melodies are sweet and the choruses are simply amazing, as Zeljko's voice when singing. An example of a magic song that has many posibilities to bring back Eurovision to Serbia.
Here you are a music video made by some fans. The scenes are from the film 'The Lord of the Rings' and, with this beautiful song, both things make a perfect mixture. Enjoy it!

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012


Alexander is so fuuny and friendly. He loves joking, and he has even made some jokes on Eurovision about Lena, apart from kissing her when while he was bringing her the glass microphone ( the Eurovision trophy) on the 55th Eurovision final in Oslo. But maybe the best example of how funny he is is this amazing song, titled 'Oah', whose music video will make laugh and smile.After its releasing, the music video became popular almost instantly, and not only in Norway, but all around Europe.
The song tells the story of a guy (Alexander) who wants to go out with a girl called Moa, but that girl doesn't feel the same, so she asks Alexander to stop following her. From now on, Alexander begins following her everywhere she moves, and even when Moa takes a flight to have a relax time, Alexander seats in a seat next to her. 
I find it so lovely and funny, and I swear that it's difficult to stop laughing after watching this amazing video. Alexander sings it so well, and all the actors from the music video are really good. And, of course, this is the song I use to listen to when I feel weary, dull, sad or scared because of something, because after viewing this no trouble can resist inside yourself. Do you want to smile? Then click on play! :)

miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Funny Little World

Alexander Rybak is without any doubt the king of romantic ballad. His songs are so lovely and impressive, but above them all, there's is one who completely captured my heart. This song I'm talking about is this one, called 'Funny Little World'. It was Alexander who composed this sweet and lovely ballad, in my opinion, the cutest and most lovely from my favourite singer. I find it slow but melodious, the tune is so funny, and the lyrics are simply perfect. There's no day without singing ''and I don't know for sure, where this is going, still I hope for more, and more'' *-* Apart from all them, I have to remaerk about the wonderful music video he presents with this song, filmed in a Norwegian forest and in urban landscapes. A perfect music video, for a perfect song. What are you waiting for? Click on play, and enjoy! :)

martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Jedward boys come back!

Yeah! The blonde brothers from Ireland, the funny twins who sing My Bad Behaviour are back for twice on Eurovision. When I heard it for the first time, I thought it was a joke, but now I realise it's more real than I thought. The amazing John and Edward are going to represent Ireland in Baku with their theme 'Waterline' which is already a complete hit all around Europe. Haven't you listened to it yet? What are you waiting for? The twins come back with all their strength, let's party! :)

Why Not Me?

Alexander has got beautiful, slow and romantic ballads, lovely violin tunes... but this song will surprise you, I'm sure. This time, Alexander presents you a song so powerful and loud, a song that mixes the violin tunes with the electric guitar's one. I find it really amazing, and a perfect example of what he's able to do (it means everything). Since I listened to it for the first time, I couldn't stop, so here I am. As Alexander says, there are no boundaries to limit our feelings and likes, no limits to feel that music always sounds good when it comes from him. Don't dream it, just play it :)

I can wait

How many love stories have you read? How many dramatic poems about forbidden romances have they told you about? How many tears have you spent for someone you were in love with? Never mind, don't cry. I agree with you, love is gorgeous, wonderful, magic... but don't you get tired after all that? Life is yours, love can wait. Be yourself, travel around the whole world, know how you are deep inside, and then, simply if you think you can do it, fall in love. Don't fool yourself, life lasts only two days so, how much time would you lose if you cried for that someone? Put a smile on your face, and carry on! :)

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Kiss and Tell

Don't know why, but this song from Alexander reminds me a lot about his very first hit 'Fairytale'. The violin tunes are very light and melodious, and his voice sounds sweet and free. It's as if a breeze of magic dreams went to myself through the calm sea. I can't describe with ful details how much glad I feel when I listen to it, but I really want to listen it back. It's magic, rythmic, and shows you that gladness is in everywhere. Don't need a place to be happy, just some earphones, and play!