sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

I Don't Believe In Miracles | Superhero

Alexander can sing and put his voice to everything. Here, there's a perfect example.
In 2009, some producers from Russia filmed the first Russian production about a Superhero: Black Lightning (or Chernaya Molniya in Russian). At the same time, Alexander composed a song titled 'I Don't Believe in Miracles', which became instantly popular all around Russia and Belarus. The song, about a superhero, became later in the main theme of the Russian film, and reached the top in all Russian music charts.
This song is not in English, but in Russian. The orchestral introduction is so beautiful, and Alexander's voice, as always, stays perfect, strong and sweet. The music video, filmed in Moscow, includes several scenes from the film, and shows how Alexander can make much more than a simple song. The magic of superheroes, brought by the best of all them: Alexander Rybak. Enjoy the video :)

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