domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Roman Lob | Standing Still

I find it difficult to select which country I'm going to support during the 57th eurovision to be held in Baku. As I said long ago, LaLaLove by Ivi Adamou is a great song and a great choice for eurovision. But after the Germany Preselection final (Unser Star für Baku) I'm so clear about it. Roman Lob is perfect: the way he sings is so lovely and simply fantastic, and his song is so melodious and reminds me of those song I have been singing for all day long. It's expressive, emotional, and it makes me feel glad, happy, and it keeps me stand up though life is sometimes hard. I don't know for sure what do you think about this amazing singer, but I'm already Lober. Yeah, I haven't written it wrong, now lover will be forever with a B, with the B of Lob, to feel it, LOBE. 
Here you are the song, titled 'Standig Still'. This is the official music video, and mixes scenes about him and the TV program Unser Star Für Baku. I hope you like it so much, he deserves at least to win in Baku. He'll go far, I'm sure! :)

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