lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

Exams, exams... and exams.

Lately I have lots of exams. The end of second term is so close, so these days are full of exams and different tests. Apart from that, in two months I have to pass the Professional Music Teaching access exam, which is so hard, specially if you’re not quite young (I’m sixteen, and the members from the jury prefer younger children, they are reasonably more competitive and they have time enough to dedicate their lives to music). I do love music, and I’m so good at it, but this time I need to be perfect, not simply good, so I’m doing many efforts until the test’s day, and I’m training hard to pass the exam. I think for the moment I’m ok, and I’ve got many possibilities to pass the exam. I hope it’s going to be so until that day. Have a good evening!:)

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