jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

The Atomium

Just as happens with Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Brussels is the home for one of the hugest, most amazing monumets ever. And yes, I'm talking about... the Atomium! 
With its 102 metres of height, this impressive structure was designed for the Brussels expo in 1958, and was planned to last for no more than six months. However, the Atomium would be never taken down, as it soon became one of Brussels's most widely visited attractions. Technically, the structure represents an iron crystal -which means that every bubble is an independent atom-. That means that, in spite of its name, the Atomium isn't an atom but nine iron atoms (Fe) kept together through powerful bonds, creating an awesome iron crystal... isn't that amazing? -or at lest it's amazing for me, a future biochemist-.
Back to my visit, I feel really lucky as it started to rain while I was inside the great landmark, and by the time I came out, it had just stopped raining. Great thing! But due to rain, Brussels skyline wasn't visible, and pictures are not as good as I expected but... they are all genuine, so hope you like all them. 
In addition, I have included a picture which shows how's the Atomium inside: some bubbles include incredible light spectacles inside, and walking from one ball to another feels like traveling in a spaceship... truly FANTASTIC! :D

martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

Through my life, I've been to many different places: from huge and cosmopolitan cities to historical villages, not to mention some of the most wonderful natural landscapes that you could ever imagine. I have spent some time talking about the two first options, but to be honest I've rarely talked about the third one, and today... it's time!
Dear travelers, please be welcome to one of the most precious landscapes all around the world: The Fréhel Cape (Le cap Fréhel in French) and the Castle of La Latte (Fort La Latte), a little castle located nearby. An open door to the Atlantic Ocean, and a place to feel inspired. 
Both landmarks are located in French Britanny, near Saint-Malo and Dinan, and are approachable places, so you won't face any major problems when going there. Above all, it's a wonderful place to feel the soft touch of the ocean breeze -though it gets windy at times- and have some relax and, why not, a few tons of amazing snapshots! :)

History is full of magical ballads whose beauty can literally touch your soul and fill it with sweetness, warmth and hope. Among the most beautiful of these ballads, I have to mention this one: 'To Where You Are', from the Californian baritone, the always outstanding Josh Groban.
This wondrous masterpiece from the LA singer was included in his debut album 'Josh Groban', released in the year 2001, and soon became a worldwide-recognized song, even appearing on TV series 'Ally McBeal'.
Honestly, one of the best ballads I have ever listened to. Josh's voice looks amazingly powerful, reaching every single note and raising it to perfection. But since words are not enough to describe such beauty... just listen yourself and let the music inspire you! :) 

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2014

Brussels is an extraordinary city, no doubt! But among the many attractions which the belgian capital city helds, there's always a place that makes you feel more than just delighted. And I've got to say that one of those was, indeed, the Brussels Royal Palace.

From the outside, it's nearly impossible not to feel somehow attracted by the enormous simplicity of its wondrous classical facade. 
In the inside, huge halls and extraordinarily arranged rooms: from the fanciest one to the most plain. Every single room hides magnificent treasures.
The Royal Palace, located just opposite the Federal Parliament, can be visited almost everyday from 10 am -or so I think- and, what for it... it's free! Nice place, and wondrous visit!

viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Make it yours!

Travelers all around the world!

Internet is full of travel websites which offer poor information and a vital approach that is -many times- far from reality. We have always seen incredible snapshots about glorious places which, to be honest, are much less glorious than we expected. They try to show us something that is, sometimes, even untrue. And that's my commitment: show you every single place... just the way every single place is. 
Through my life, I've been to many different countries, taken awesome pics here and there, and of course, they're sometimes just wondrous themselves, but other times they are not different from other ordinary snaps. I'm not gonna exclude them, I'm just gonna show you everything, all you can do, see, touch, enjoy... 
So if you're looking up for something special, THIS IS YOUR PLACE! :)

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

As all of you know, Brussels is the European Union's heart: all major institutions -the European Comission, the European Union Council, the European Parliament, the Regions Comittee...- have their HQ in this amazing city, in a fabulous quartier in eastern Brussels which, through theyears, became the European Quartier, the home of Europe!

The Berlaymont

Though that name may not be familiar to you, the Berlaymont is, indeed, the European Comission HQ, a place of meeting for all European leaders and politicians -and politician leaders as well-. This famous cross-shaped building -which appears on TV constantly- is located in Schuman Square, one of the fathers of the EU, and looks flamboyantly in its modern appearance. A place that you should not miss if you're in Brussels!

The European Parliament

Though the official HQ for the European Parliament are located in Strasbourg (France), the second HQ -which are used for special meetings and comissions- are located in Brussels's European Quartier. Officially, the parliament building's name is Espace Léopold. And since Leopold Park is just next to parliament building, I have to say that it's an incredible place to have a wonderful walk and... why not, some relax!

The Cinquantenaire

This wondrous park, with its enormous triumphal arch, is located in eastern Brussels, within the European Quartier and just a few steps away from the European Comission HQ. Originally, the Cinquantenaire was erected in 1880 to commemorate the Belgian Independence. Today, the complex is the home for the Belgian Royal Army Museum, the Royal History and Art Museum and the Cars Museum -I decided to visit the Belgian Royal Army Museum as it seemed to be the most interesting of all them, as in fact it was-. Another fantastic place to have a walk and even to enjoy some sunbathing -like plenty of locals do-. Great!

martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Brussels offers many different cultural attractions to enjoy -contrary to the popular belief which states that Brussels is such a city with not much to offer-. And among all those wondrous places, you can find the Grand Place, the heart of Brussels city. A point of meeting, or a place to start... you can always do it your own way, that's the good thing about traveling! 

The Broodhuis/Maison du Roi

Among the buildings located in the Grand Place, the Maison du Roi is surely the one that attracted all of my attention. With its ornamented columns and impossible silhouettes, this building was turned into a visitable museum. Nice place to take a few of amazing snapshots!

The Brussels City Hall

Just opposite the Broodhuis, you can find the local City Hall. With one of the tallest towers in the city, the City Hall is nowadays the house for the town's museum. The Grand Place is also a place of remarkable events a, such as the creation of a flower carpet in the center of the square every month of August. Alongside the townhall's pictures, I have attached a picture in which appears the Brouwerhuis -the House of Brussels's brewers-. Great view of course!

The Maneken Pis

This tiny sculpure of a boy while peeing is, don't ask me why, Brussels's most well-known symbol. And of course, surrounding the little sculpture you can always find a lot of people taking pictures and having a laugh... at times. Located in Stoofstraat/Rue de L'Etuve, is, like Daniel Diges would say, 'Something Tiny'... Algo pequeñito! 

The Saint Hubert Royal Galeries

Just a few meters from the Grand Place, another great place awaits: The St Hubert Galeries -Royaux, of course!-. Inside this crystal-roofed street you can find some of the finest stores in Brussels: from chocolate to books, from jewelry to cosmetics... A good place to go shopping and get some fantastic souvenirs... though it's not that fantastic when it comes to price. Despite that, nice place to do some window shopping!

And to finish this post, a wonderful sunset picture. The sun sets behind Koekelberg Basilique, what a wonderful view from my hotel room! :D

Since the very first time that I travelled abroad, I have always been interested in putting on a map all those places that I would go, and all those places that, in the foreseeable future, I would go to. So today, here I am to get that goal that I had always wanted to achieve: here's my European map, including all the cities I have been to (orange), all the cities I have been to twice, or even more than twice (in light blue) and all the cities and places that I would like to visit in an early future (coloured in light green). In addition, all those countries whose borders I have surpassed are painted in grey. 
I don't know how much time will it take to go to places like Sweden or Iceland, but I am a quite patient individual, so for now, all I have to do is live this wonderful life, and go on! :D

sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

As my trip to Belgium went on, I decided to stop in Ghent, on of the most wonderful cities in Belgium. With its perfectly arranged wharfs, medieval castles and great squares, Ghent remains one of the most visited places in the Belgian region of Flanders: a mandatory visit for an uncomparable place... enjoy Ghent your way! :D

The Korenmarkt
Welcome to one of the most important meeting points within the city og Ghent. The Korenmarkt -literally, corn market- remains a strategic location between the Koren/Graslei -the most famous wharfs in the city- and the Cathedral of Sint-Baaf. Lovely place!

The Korenlei

Probably the most visited place in Ghent alongside the Graslei, the Korenlei -corn wharf- is one of the several wharfs you can find in the Flemish town. A great place to chill out and have some beers!

The Graslei

Alongside the already mentioned Korenlei, the Graslei -herbs wharf in Dutch- remains -at least to me- the symbol of this wondrous city. Nice place to have some chilling again!

The Gravensteen

Back to Middle Ages, the Gravensteen -the Castle of the Counts of Flanders- is one of the places that you shouldn't miss if you're there in fair Ghent. Though found the visit a bit expensive when it comes to fees, it's nice to learn about Belgian history, and in that sense it's an extraordinary building.

The Kraanlei

Though most tourists in Ghent focus their visits on the Koren/Graslei and the Korenmarkt area, if you're just as curious as I am, you'll surely discover fascinating places all around the city. Among one of those, mine is undoubtedly the Kraanlei. With its loads of colorful flowers and its peaceful inhabitants, the Kraanlei offers you the true and unique opportunity to feel Ghent on your own. Great place, great pics! 

The Patershol

Welcome to Ghent's Medieval quartier! A little place full of great memories that you should not miss if you ever decide to visit this wonderful Flemish town!