martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Brussels offers many different cultural attractions to enjoy -contrary to the popular belief which states that Brussels is such a city with not much to offer-. And among all those wondrous places, you can find the Grand Place, the heart of Brussels city. A point of meeting, or a place to start... you can always do it your own way, that's the good thing about traveling! 

The Broodhuis/Maison du Roi

Among the buildings located in the Grand Place, the Maison du Roi is surely the one that attracted all of my attention. With its ornamented columns and impossible silhouettes, this building was turned into a visitable museum. Nice place to take a few of amazing snapshots!

The Brussels City Hall

Just opposite the Broodhuis, you can find the local City Hall. With one of the tallest towers in the city, the City Hall is nowadays the house for the town's museum. The Grand Place is also a place of remarkable events a, such as the creation of a flower carpet in the center of the square every month of August. Alongside the townhall's pictures, I have attached a picture in which appears the Brouwerhuis -the House of Brussels's brewers-. Great view of course!

The Maneken Pis

This tiny sculpure of a boy while peeing is, don't ask me why, Brussels's most well-known symbol. And of course, surrounding the little sculpture you can always find a lot of people taking pictures and having a laugh... at times. Located in Stoofstraat/Rue de L'Etuve, is, like Daniel Diges would say, 'Something Tiny'... Algo pequeñito! 

The Saint Hubert Royal Galeries

Just a few meters from the Grand Place, another great place awaits: The St Hubert Galeries -Royaux, of course!-. Inside this crystal-roofed street you can find some of the finest stores in Brussels: from chocolate to books, from jewelry to cosmetics... A good place to go shopping and get some fantastic souvenirs... though it's not that fantastic when it comes to price. Despite that, nice place to do some window shopping!

And to finish this post, a wonderful sunset picture. The sun sets behind Koekelberg Basilique, what a wonderful view from my hotel room! :D