jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

The Atomium

Just as happens with Paris and the Eiffel Tower, Brussels is the home for one of the hugest, most amazing monumets ever. And yes, I'm talking about... the Atomium! 
With its 102 metres of height, this impressive structure was designed for the Brussels expo in 1958, and was planned to last for no more than six months. However, the Atomium would be never taken down, as it soon became one of Brussels's most widely visited attractions. Technically, the structure represents an iron crystal -which means that every bubble is an independent atom-. That means that, in spite of its name, the Atomium isn't an atom but nine iron atoms (Fe) kept together through powerful bonds, creating an awesome iron crystal... isn't that amazing? -or at lest it's amazing for me, a future biochemist-.
Back to my visit, I feel really lucky as it started to rain while I was inside the great landmark, and by the time I came out, it had just stopped raining. Great thing! But due to rain, Brussels skyline wasn't visible, and pictures are not as good as I expected but... they are all genuine, so hope you like all them. 
In addition, I have included a picture which shows how's the Atomium inside: some bubbles include incredible light spectacles inside, and walking from one ball to another feels like traveling in a spaceship... truly FANTASTIC! :D

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