lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

As you know, we're on sales right now. This year discounts were fantastic -up to seventy percent in many stores-, to say nothing of other exclusive bargains which you can't find everyday. That's why this July going shopping was a compulsory must!
Among the new acquisitions, you can find these two pairs of Nike shoes from Nike Factory. A pair of Paul Rodríguez Nike shoes in blue, black and red -pictures one and two- and a pair of Nike Satine in soft green and blue. Cool!

lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

This year, my summer began with an amazing travel to the capital city of Spain: Madrid. Culture, history and art can be found all around the place, in every single corner of this wonderful city located in middle Spain, but just in case you have some doubts... here you are some pictures that I took while visiting one of Madrid's most well-known touristic atractions: the Retiro Park and Alcalá's Gate. Just enjoy!

Alcalá's Gate was built by Spanish King Charles III. Located in Alcalá Street -the longest street in the city- this monumental gate always draws everyone's attention.

The entrance to El Retiro, the biggest park in downtown Madrid.
Just me starring in a picture, taken inside El Retiro Garden.

The Grand Lake, inside El Retiro, is one of the most visited places inside this peaceful and calm garden.

Detail from the Alfonso XII's memorial, as seen from the shore.

The Casón del Prado building as seen from El Retiro. A nice place to get lost and forget about the distresful city life.

martes, 15 de julio de 2014

Broken-hearted Girl

When a singer is otherwordly, it doesn't matter how many words you use. It's completely impossible to show so much beauty and vocal power only through words. When it's all about greatness, no word in the whole world can be suitable. 
And since words aren't useful in this precise case, I've found the perfect solution: greatness itself. Here you are one of the biggest divas ever, with her masterpiece 'Broken-hearted Girl'. So now, just chill out and listen to the great and only Beyonce Knowles! :)

sábado, 5 de julio de 2014

Roberto's Blind Audition

t's not a secret how much I love my beloved Roberto Bellarosa. To me, it's nearly impossible to describe how I feel whenever I listen to his music, but as I want to let everyone know how great he is, I'll try to tell you about his blind audition on the Belgian TV show 'The Voice Belgique', an audition that I've seen for at least one million times, and swear I actually can't stop watching it.
His audition took place on the 3rd January 2012. Great Roberto Bellarosa performed James Morrison's 'You Give Me Something'. Every note looks spectacular, otherworldly. 
During his performance, all the seats turned to him. First ones were Quentin Mosimann and Beverly Jo-Scott, followed by Joshua and in the last place, Lio. That means that Roberto received the highest score possible -four ayes-. After his performance, the coaches present on the show gave their impressions about his powerful, sweet voice: 'you touch the stars', 'the song was made for you'. Coaches were undoubtedly impressed, spellbound. Roberto had done so, so well, and his voice conquered the audience from the beginning. 
But when a star as Roberto gets that awesome score, every single coach wants to be the one -and of course, only one coach can win it all-. So Roberto decided to join Quentin's team. Quentin left his seat to hug Roberto, the great winner of that awesome night. And the road to victory began like that, with a blind audition that will be always perfect. Roberto is an amazing person, so great and awesome, and I will always be in love with him. Did you enjoy the show? :D

Lio, impressed by Roberto, decides to push the botton in orden to turn his seat towards the great star
                                                    The four coaches, impressed after Roberto's performing.
Roberto, smiling after his performance.
Roberto and Quentin, the greatest team.