lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

This year, my summer began with an amazing travel to the capital city of Spain: Madrid. Culture, history and art can be found all around the place, in every single corner of this wonderful city located in middle Spain, but just in case you have some doubts... here you are some pictures that I took while visiting one of Madrid's most well-known touristic atractions: the Retiro Park and Alcalá's Gate. Just enjoy!

Alcalá's Gate was built by Spanish King Charles III. Located in Alcalá Street -the longest street in the city- this monumental gate always draws everyone's attention.

The entrance to El Retiro, the biggest park in downtown Madrid.
Just me starring in a picture, taken inside El Retiro Garden.

The Grand Lake, inside El Retiro, is one of the most visited places inside this peaceful and calm garden.

Detail from the Alfonso XII's memorial, as seen from the shore.

The Casón del Prado building as seen from El Retiro. A nice place to get lost and forget about the distresful city life.