jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014

As all of you know, Brussels is the European Union's heart: all major institutions -the European Comission, the European Union Council, the European Parliament, the Regions Comittee...- have their HQ in this amazing city, in a fabulous quartier in eastern Brussels which, through theyears, became the European Quartier, the home of Europe!

The Berlaymont

Though that name may not be familiar to you, the Berlaymont is, indeed, the European Comission HQ, a place of meeting for all European leaders and politicians -and politician leaders as well-. This famous cross-shaped building -which appears on TV constantly- is located in Schuman Square, one of the fathers of the EU, and looks flamboyantly in its modern appearance. A place that you should not miss if you're in Brussels!

The European Parliament

Though the official HQ for the European Parliament are located in Strasbourg (France), the second HQ -which are used for special meetings and comissions- are located in Brussels's European Quartier. Officially, the parliament building's name is Espace Léopold. And since Leopold Park is just next to parliament building, I have to say that it's an incredible place to have a wonderful walk and... why not, some relax!

The Cinquantenaire

This wondrous park, with its enormous triumphal arch, is located in eastern Brussels, within the European Quartier and just a few steps away from the European Comission HQ. Originally, the Cinquantenaire was erected in 1880 to commemorate the Belgian Independence. Today, the complex is the home for the Belgian Royal Army Museum, the Royal History and Art Museum and the Cars Museum -I decided to visit the Belgian Royal Army Museum as it seemed to be the most interesting of all them, as in fact it was-. Another fantastic place to have a walk and even to enjoy some sunbathing -like plenty of locals do-. Great!