martes, 19 de agosto de 2014

Through my life, I've been to many different places: from huge and cosmopolitan cities to historical villages, not to mention some of the most wonderful natural landscapes that you could ever imagine. I have spent some time talking about the two first options, but to be honest I've rarely talked about the third one, and today... it's time!
Dear travelers, please be welcome to one of the most precious landscapes all around the world: The Fréhel Cape (Le cap Fréhel in French) and the Castle of La Latte (Fort La Latte), a little castle located nearby. An open door to the Atlantic Ocean, and a place to feel inspired. 
Both landmarks are located in French Britanny, near Saint-Malo and Dinan, and are approachable places, so you won't face any major problems when going there. Above all, it's a wonderful place to feel the soft touch of the ocean breeze -though it gets windy at times- and have some relax and, why not, a few tons of amazing snapshots! :)