sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

As my trip to Belgium went on, I decided to stop in Ghent, on of the most wonderful cities in Belgium. With its perfectly arranged wharfs, medieval castles and great squares, Ghent remains one of the most visited places in the Belgian region of Flanders: a mandatory visit for an uncomparable place... enjoy Ghent your way! :D

The Korenmarkt
Welcome to one of the most important meeting points within the city og Ghent. The Korenmarkt -literally, corn market- remains a strategic location between the Koren/Graslei -the most famous wharfs in the city- and the Cathedral of Sint-Baaf. Lovely place!

The Korenlei

Probably the most visited place in Ghent alongside the Graslei, the Korenlei -corn wharf- is one of the several wharfs you can find in the Flemish town. A great place to chill out and have some beers!

The Graslei

Alongside the already mentioned Korenlei, the Graslei -herbs wharf in Dutch- remains -at least to me- the symbol of this wondrous city. Nice place to have some chilling again!

The Gravensteen

Back to Middle Ages, the Gravensteen -the Castle of the Counts of Flanders- is one of the places that you shouldn't miss if you're there in fair Ghent. Though found the visit a bit expensive when it comes to fees, it's nice to learn about Belgian history, and in that sense it's an extraordinary building.

The Kraanlei

Though most tourists in Ghent focus their visits on the Koren/Graslei and the Korenmarkt area, if you're just as curious as I am, you'll surely discover fascinating places all around the city. Among one of those, mine is undoubtedly the Kraanlei. With its loads of colorful flowers and its peaceful inhabitants, the Kraanlei offers you the true and unique opportunity to feel Ghent on your own. Great place, great pics! 

The Patershol

Welcome to Ghent's Medieval quartier! A little place full of great memories that you should not miss if you ever decide to visit this wonderful Flemish town!