viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Make it yours!

Travelers all around the world!

Internet is full of travel websites which offer poor information and a vital approach that is -many times- far from reality. We have always seen incredible snapshots about glorious places which, to be honest, are much less glorious than we expected. They try to show us something that is, sometimes, even untrue. And that's my commitment: show you every single place... just the way every single place is. 
Through my life, I've been to many different countries, taken awesome pics here and there, and of course, they're sometimes just wondrous themselves, but other times they are not different from other ordinary snaps. I'm not gonna exclude them, I'm just gonna show you everything, all you can do, see, touch, enjoy... 
So if you're looking up for something special, THIS IS YOUR PLACE! :)