sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

Europe's Skies: part 2

This morning I had to study, but after studying, I didn't have anything to do. Then, I remembered that I wanted to search for an Alexander Rybak GIF animation, so I started searching. There are many GIF's about him (well, not as many as One Direction for example, but it's a considerable number), and I think all them are so cute and funny. But then, I started searching on we♥it and I found the perfect animation. The animation I'm talking about is from his music video Europe's Skies, which is my favourite song from Alexander. Enjoy the GIF, it's so cute and is from the moment along Europe's Skies I love in more. 
While I was surfing on we♥it, I found the Russian version of Europe's Skies. The music video is like the official one, but if you saw it, you would realise the difference. Either way, Alexander looks as great as always, and sings in Russian perfectly, better than everyone. A perfect music video from a perfect singer!

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