domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

The First ESC Quizz

May 26th is getting closer, and as the different contestants are chosen, people start to make their own bets. Here, I have posted a small quizz, which haven't included many songs (the official is about to be posted) and here you are the results of this first impression:
The winners, with an overall of 12 points each one, are Loreen (Sweden) and Jedward (the twins from Ireland). The second place is for Roman Lob (Germany) whose song has reached the top in many eurofan charts. The forth place is for Pastora Soler, and the fifth one, for Ivi Adamou (Cyprus). The latest position in for the French entry, You and I, performed by Annggun.
As I said, I haven't included some countries, but don't worry: today, I'm gonna put on air the next quizz about your favourite singers on the 57th Eurovision. So Europe can start voting....NOW!
Loreen and Jedward: the 'today' winners.

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