domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

Melodifestivalen 2012: Andra Chansen

Yesterday night we enjoy, once more, the magic of Melodifestivalen. But this time it wasn’t so magic. For the first time in years, Timoteij were out the final, and the favourite, Sean Banan, too. The news from Sweden were worldwide TT on Twitter, and not only around the world, even in Spain. Today, everyone has a special reason to be upset according to the Andra Chansen results.
There were for duels. From each duel, an only qualifier, and, from the four qualifiers, only two passes to the Globen. These qualifiers I’m talking about were, amazingly, Top Cats, instead of timoteij, and Thorsten Flinck and Revolutionsorkesten instead of Sean Banan. The most impressive event all around Scandinavia wasn’t as bets said. It’s not usual at all, but Melodifestivalen is sometimes like this, and not always wins the best, or the most impressive on the stage. 
Here you are some videos and pictures about the performances. We want to highlight Timoteij's and Sean Banan's performances, without any doubt, the best along the show. Enjoy with them.

 Next weekend we’ll enjoy the final, from the Globen Stadion, Stockholm. Today, most of people thinks Danny Saucedo is about to win. Do you think so? Do you agree with them? Could things change for a while and let Ulrik, Molly or Lisa win? My favorite is still Lisa Miskivsky but, will she win this Melodifestivalen? WHO KNOW WHAT’S ABOUT TO HAPPEN NEXT WEEKEND!

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