miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Funny Little World

Alexander Rybak is without any doubt the king of romantic ballad. His songs are so lovely and impressive, but above them all, there's is one who completely captured my heart. This song I'm talking about is this one, called 'Funny Little World'. It was Alexander who composed this sweet and lovely ballad, in my opinion, the cutest and most lovely from my favourite singer. I find it slow but melodious, the tune is so funny, and the lyrics are simply perfect. There's no day without singing ''and I don't know for sure, where this is going, still I hope for more, and more'' *-* Apart from all them, I have to remaerk about the wonderful music video he presents with this song, filmed in a Norwegian forest and in urban landscapes. A perfect music video, for a perfect song. What are you waiting for? Click on play, and enjoy! :)

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