jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012


Alexander is so fuuny and friendly. He loves joking, and he has even made some jokes on Eurovision about Lena, apart from kissing her when while he was bringing her the glass microphone ( the Eurovision trophy) on the 55th Eurovision final in Oslo. But maybe the best example of how funny he is is this amazing song, titled 'Oah', whose music video will make laugh and smile.After its releasing, the music video became popular almost instantly, and not only in Norway, but all around Europe.
The song tells the story of a guy (Alexander) who wants to go out with a girl called Moa, but that girl doesn't feel the same, so she asks Alexander to stop following her. From now on, Alexander begins following her everywhere she moves, and even when Moa takes a flight to have a relax time, Alexander seats in a seat next to her. 
I find it so lovely and funny, and I swear that it's difficult to stop laughing after watching this amazing video. Alexander sings it so well, and all the actors from the music video are really good. And, of course, this is the song I use to listen to when I feel weary, dull, sad or scared because of something, because after viewing this no trouble can resist inside yourself. Do you want to smile? Then click on play! :)

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