miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012

Memories Box: In A Moment Like This

2010 was a great year on Eurovision history, no doubt. Countries all around Europe presented as many magical ballads as they could, spreading throughout the Telenor Arena, Oslo, a magic and matchless ambiance. And just included on top five we find this amazing song, 'In A Moment Like This', which was performed on the Norwegian stage by Chanée and N'Evergreen, a successful singers couple raised up in Denmark.
The song's chorus is so catchy, sweet and powerful. Maybe because of that, the audience from all over Europe (specially from Nordic countries) voted for this song massively, so much so that they got amazingly the forth position, breaking down all polls from main bet houses, which clearly bet for Azerbaijan, Norway or Israel.
During their performance, the stage became something more: a beautiful staging, where they used many amazing technincs, and a very suitable ilumination that made the Fornebu Arena even brighter. Who has ever sung 'In a moment like this, wanna know, wanna know, wanna know what you're looking for' at least for once? I do, and I guess you do too. The song, indeed, became very popular, the most popular on that edition just after 'Satellite'. Here you are, a song to remember.

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