martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Ell & Nikki, the reason why we'll go to Baku!

As you know, this year the Eurovision Song Contest arrives to the capital city of Azerbaijan, fair Baku. It's possible after a rememorable winning hit, performed by two artist whose name is already famous all over the world: Ell and Nikki. Running Scared is currently the Eurovision hymn, and a reason to meet in Baku next 26th May. But before going to Baku, do you want to remember how great it was?
14th May, 9.00 pm, Düsseldorg - Germany. Lena Meyer, 2010 edition's winner, opens the 56th song contest featuring Stephan Raab. 10.30 pm, aproximatively. Ell and Nikki, Eurovision's most famous duet, takes the stage and performs a magnifique song that will come a great hit, Running Scared. During the performance, a fireworks rain drops over the two artists, whose voice raises the Arena's top and the viewers heart. No words to describe it. 00.00 in the night, aproximatively. Azerbaijan, a country that was no favourite to win Eurovision, wins the contest for the first time in its history, scoring an overall of 221 points. Ell and Nikki, so excited and incredulous, take the stage once more to perform their song twice, and to close the 56th Eurovision with a smile. Has it sounded good? 
Indeed, it was really great. I surrend, I've got to say that I voted for them, I even tweeted Eldar before the contest, and somehow he thanked me about all my supporting. I really congratulate them, they deserved it too much, and they did simply their best on stage, with an impressive staging and two angel voices. I remember every minute, every second, and every moment is now a memory inside my mind I couldn't let tun away. So, this year, welcome to Baku! (: