martes, 24 de abril de 2012

A special piano piece

Someday, I don't remember exactly when, I listened to this magical piano piece. Someone was playing this beautiful tune, and this great arrangement, on a piano, but sweetsly and softly. It was so beautiful that I decided to search for this piece. Yesterday, I finally got everything I needed, and today, I want to share this master piece with all of you.
This piano piece was composed by a Japanese composer called Ryuichi Sakamoto, but all its success is due to a extraordinary film about the Second World War, titled 'Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence', whose plot tells the story of an Enlish commander who arrives a Japanese concentration camp, and tells all what happens to him and his friends and partners. The story is so sad, as the song, and everytime I listen to it I feel sorrow and weary, but somehow I feel glad. The enjoyment is on the play button!