jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Memories Box: Me and My Guitar

During the last years, Belgium, one of the founding members of EBU, has got so bad positions on the Eurovision score. In most of cases, the small country hasn't reached even the great final, with so low positions on the draft (the last one in 2009, for example). But 2010 everything was different.
That year, Belgium was represented by young singer (and guitarist) Tom Dice, who got the second place on the Belgium X Factor and performed the amazing song 'Me and My Guitar' inside the Fornebu Arena, the auditorium that held the 55th Eurovision of Europe's biggest TV show.
His performance was maybe one of the most applaude and acclaimed during the show, so much so that even the Belgian singer couldn't avoid a little laughter during his performing. That year I voted for him, of course! I supported him when he entered Eurovision, and even today, as a great singer and a great songwriter too. I go beyond, I voted for him twice: in the first semifinal, and after that, in the final. I found his performance so lovely and nearby to us, and I really believe he deserved to win the contest, though it was amazing Lena who won it with an overall of 249 points (I must to say that her song was so catchy and rythmic). Above all, I enjoyed too much his performing, Tom did his best that year, and get, for the first time in many years, the sixth place for his country, which is a place reserved for the best countries in Eurovision. Here you are the song, and some pictures. 

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