jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Baku 2012 | 50 days to go

From today, Baku seems to be 50 days away. Just 50 days to reach May 26th, to discover how magic Eurovision 2012 will be! Most of us are excited about this, but for the moment, we haven't much information to bring. We wonder how big the stage will be, what dress, suits, and others will the contestants dress along the fantastic show, and, of course, who'll win and bring it back to its country. 42 countries will be fighting, but for the moment, I just can offer you this amazing video about the venue city, Baku. Here you are! :)
In addition, today I open a new quizz to mesure which country is this year the favourite to win. Join it, please, and enjoy! :)

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