sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Je T'aime

Last year, the great Azerbaijani singer Eldar Qasimov, who, featuring Nigar Jamal, brought back to home the 56th Eurovision held in Düsseldorf, performed some wonderful song, in English and French, during Azerbaijan's preselection shows. But there's one of them I specially love. The one I'm talking about is called 'Je T'aime', and is from the famous French singer Lara Fabian, being considerated on of the most romantic and powerful ballads of all times.
The song is really beautiful, and so wonderful to play and sing. Inside a small theatre, in center Baku, Eldar performed this great song with his sweet and amazing voice, and made everybody stand up after his master performance, which I remember as it was just yesterday. I even cried the first time I listened to it, so I remark the beauty of this magical ballad by Lara Fabian, now performed by the always-amazing Eldar Qasimov, that amasing singer who tweeted me several times and thanked by the same way my supporting along the contest. I wish good luck before final, and finally he won. That night was a night that will be inside my mind (and inside my heart) and no one will be able to make that feeling come out from my mind. Listen, it's simply magical!

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