martes, 17 de abril de 2012


As in 2008, Greece presents for Eurovision another lovely singer, young and really good-looking, called Eleftheria Eleftheriou. For the moment, her song, Aphrodisiac, has received many good critics from so many reviewers in Europe. They find it motionful, bright, really sexy and so suitable for the contest. Then, I wonder if amazing Elefheria will be next May 26th the next Helena Paparizou. I do know for sure it would be difficult: Eleftheria is not at all among the favourites, and though she was among them, this year every song is an unique universe, and almost every country is a clear candidate to win the contest.
Personally, I like the song because of its rythm. Though to don't want to, you're about to dance, there's no way out (as the song says) and you truly end dancing as a maniac. The chorus is, somehow, one f the most catchy on this Eurovision, and probably it will be a summer hit not only in Greece, but in the whole world. I just can't wait for next May 26th. Day by day, it's coming more and more exciting and interesting!

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