lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Never Forget

A few years ago, just in 2009, Yohanna got the second position for her country. Though she did her best, it wasn't enough. This year, Iceland hopes to, at least, repeat that position, and if possible, get it better. So much so that Iceland is about to send two quite good singers (one of them is a true violin master) with the amazing and spectacular song 'Never Forget' which is, after Spain and Germany, the song with the best valoration on YouTube. We know perfectly that it doesn't mean almost anything, but, of course, it's a great way to predict that this year Iceland is about to get a good position in the chart.
The singer's names are Gréta Salóme, a successful violinistic with a very depurated technic and good skills to play  the violin as no one does, and Jónsi, a handsome singer who perfectly adapts his voice to this amazing song, powerful and violent, sweet and tuneful. Baku is fifty days from here, and, for the moment, Iceland is settled ahead. Good luck to Gréta and Jónsi!

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