sábado, 21 de abril de 2012

Should've Known Better

Just 35 days before Eurovision Grand Final and it seems we have no time to lose. In a few days, operators from all over Europe will start building the stage, and after that, the rehearsals and good evening Europe! But before imagining all that, I have done this review about Denmark's 2012 entry, performed by Soluna Samay.
The song is called Should've Known Better, and since it was released, it has reached, amazingly, the top five of this Eurovision Song Contest. We really wonder how beautiful will it sound inside Baku Crystal Hall, but unfortunately, we have to wait a month.
The tunes on this song are so sweet, and personally, it reminds me of Anna Bergendahl's entry in 2010. Even Soluna looks like her, and even her is from a Nordic country (Denmark, in this case). A ballad from sweet pages predicted to fly high, so high, but how much? For the moment, they're questions without answer, but 26th May we'll see how amazing did it Soluna. Until that moment, good luck Denmark!