lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Love Wil Set You Free

This time, the United Kingdom has bet for a simple ballad, but full of magic and love. The success of this impresive piece can be noticed by everyone: since it was posted on YouTube, by, the music video has been viewed at least more than 363.000 times, becoming by this way the second music video most viewed on the 57th Eurovision Song Contest. Amazingly, the UK, which hasn't won since 1998, is now nearly in the top 5, and if thing go like this, who knows if next year we meet in the UK to celebrate the 58th Eurovision.
The man who sings it is the British singer Engelbert Humperdinck. Engelbert is 75 years old, and of course, the most aged man in this edition (last year, it was Dino Merlin, representing Bosnia & Herzegovina). Engelbert was born in India, and plays the piano, apart from, obviously, the voice. Since he began on the world of music, he has got many hits around the world. Maybe Eurovision and its glass microphone would be a great present to end up his career. With a lovely ballad, I leave you. Enjoy Engelbert!

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