sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Dare I Say

Once more I'm here to talk about my sweetest, greatest, and most wonderful idol, my dear Alexander Rybak, the guy who showed me that impossible is nothing, the one who brought back a smile to me. And this time, here you are another ballad from this fantastic Norwegian singer. And, as always, a great one, with a great orchestral arrangement and so sweet and wonderful tunes, which make me feel amazingly fine, happy and glad. 
Dare to live your dreams, dare to reach your purposes, dare to smile everyday, dare to kiss, and be kissed, everyday, everywhere, whenever, whoever, always. Dare. Nothing will happen if you don't have a try, then dare, and make the world yours. 'Cause dare I say, you're amazing in everyway. Listen and smile! (:

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