jueves, 12 de abril de 2012


Since Loreen won the Melodifestivalen 2012, her succes through Europe has grown up like wildfire. With maybe the most amazing staging on the whole Eurovision Song Contest 2012, the Swedish singer (though she was born in Morocco) has become the very favourite to win the 57th edition of the European contest. Almost all bet houses in Europe have settle the Swedish hit, Euphoria, on the first place, and it seems that things are not going to change easily.
Anyway, the Swedish singer will have a good time and a great performance inside the Baku Crystal Hall. Audience will enjoy it, and though she doesn't get a great amount of points, it will be great too. Her great voice looks even more amazing day by day, and some questions (without answer, just for the moment) are waiting to be answered by those who are going to prepare her performance, her clothes and everything on her performing. We expect too a lot from the organisers, in this case, Azerbaijan Official Broadcasting Corporation, which will put a good stage to perform on. Finally, I want to wish lots of luck to Loreen, winning will be something great, and bringing the contest to Sweden will be a great -but sweet- achievement!

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