jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Thirty days to go

Today is 26th April, and from now on, only a single month separates us from the Europe's biggest TV show. Just a month to reach the date with capital letters, the music worldwide party. And, as time gets closer, Azerbaijan gets ready for the biggest event in the Caucasian history, maybe since it was stablished after USSR end.
As in every edition, the Stage building has just begun. Everything should be ready to mid-May, and it probably will be. Azerbaijan's authority has done it so well, and the country is ready to host the biggest Europe's event. The stage will be great, according to its architect said, but we don't know for sure how big will be in comparaison with Germany's. If it's bigger, it will be a great achievement, and if ti's smaller, it doesn't mind: Baku has enough atraction to make it even better.
Thirty days to dream, rehearse, and get ready for Eurovision. Thirty days to let our dreams fly and dream of winning Eurovision. Thirty days to go! :)