domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

It's My Time

Even the title reflects how wonderful this song is. Yes, this is, today, the best British entry on Eurovision for, at least, ten years, and it was young and fair Jade Ewen who got it, amazingly, but truly. Featuring one of the most relevant British composers of all times, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jade's performance was without any doubt one of the best that eve, and everyone of us will remember with a smile on the face how great did her it, and how small came the stage during his brilliant performance. No words to describe how good it was.
Jade Ewen was dressing a very fine dress, nearly white. On stage, amazing Andrew Lloyd Webber, sat on a black piano, as black as the stage. And those four violinists, performing live to make the performance more and more amazing. And then, it all starts. It was time for Jade, whose voice raised that Olimpiski Arena, meanwhile everybody inside the biggest arena on Eurovision history was acclaiming her spectacular performing.
That's why the UK, after many years of poor results, got the fifth place and came what it was once. Jade's voice left her body, and blowed her soul. Listen and enjoy!