jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

A sweet voice from the North: Yohanna(:

Yohanna Gudrum was born in 1990 in Copenhague, Denmark. When she was a young girl she wanted to become a professional opera singer. It hasn't been like this, but I've got to say it has been even better. 
In 2009, her own country's delegation chose her to represent Iceland on the 54th Eurovision, held in Moscow (after Bilan´s victory). 
It was not at all bitter as they thought at first...better said, it was so sweet and happy. She got the 2nd position, only behind Alexander Rybak's Fairytale! And that's a great achievement: nobody has reached Rybak's record on the this TV show.
Yohanna's style is nearly untaggeable. She's able to do whatever she wants: pop, rock, country,... even opera. She's perfect at voice, at singing, and her voice is so depured, sweet and slim. Her songs inspire to feel good, and free too. They look like a bird flying alongside with the wind, like a cold whisper from far away, like a bright white cloud raised over the sun. Definetely, I have to say that I have no words to describe how beautiful does her voice sounds, but I give you a special chance: listen to her :)


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