lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Whatever It Takes

Seven lives has a cat, someone said. Unfortunately, we're not cats, we just live once. Therefore, why don't we live life how we expected? Frustrations are just words, they mean nothing. Nothing can stop us, nothing can make us refuse the life we wanted to live. But somehow, we dislike working hard to reach our dreams. We love living calmly, but we don't know what means working hard.
Once, I made a promise to myself, to not give up when things go wrong, to not stop when the world tries to stop you, to not feel uncomplete when everything tastes bittersweet. Since then, I've worked hard to reach my dreams, no matter how many tears I have to spill, or how many days I have to lose. I'll be myself, and I'll reach my dreams, whatever it takes. :)