domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Story of My Life

And last Friday, as expected, the lyric video of 'Story of My Life' was released! 
Story of My Life is surely one of the greatest songs I have ever listened to: great solos, wonderful arrangemet, and lovely-inspiring-cute-sweet lyrics, everything inside an only song, a complete masterpiece, no doubt!
As soon as I pressed the play button, a thousand tears started rushing down my face like the river floods into the sea: I felt somehow nostalgic and euphoric at once, like I had never felt before. It was magic.
My wonderful boys have made it once again. Thank you so much my dear lads, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, this has been fantastic, awesome, incredibly amazing, much more than anything that I could put down in words :') simply wondrous ^^ ....and in a month's time 'Midnight Memories' will be here in my hands... I can't wait for that moment to come, really! *-*