martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Wide Awake *-*

Suddenly, darkness gets around you. You see nothing, you feel nothing, you just try to go away fast, to be safe. But we use to feel not confident of ourselves, just when 'ourselves' is the best part of us. You don't need any proof, you're the only one capable to believe in your dreams. If you don't trust yourself, who'll make it for you? You, you, you.... the paradise will be a thousand kilometers away, but you may make it sweeter if you really trust, because dreaming isn't an utopic fact, but the flame that glows in you.
And yeah, of course, this little pre-explanation comes before my review about Katy Perry's last single, 'Wide Awake', which is probably one of the bestest pieces from the Californian singer.
At first, I've got to say that the music video is a complete masterpiece, with a perfect control about illumination and a fantastic scenary, from the most perfect of dreams. Second, the song is a authentic hit. As always, Katy Perry's voice come to us with magic, with passion, powerful, sweet. Nothing compares to her voice, and her starring is perfect, as in a box office hit.
I'm wide awake, I do believe in me, I do know who I am. And what about you? :)