domingo, 22 de julio de 2012


Last week I have been to Vienna, the only city where music means everything, where every street is a perfect place to get lost.
The voyage has been very pleasant, as well as all I've done there in Austria. Many things have astonished me about Austrians, indeed I've seen things I could never see here in Málaga. The first one: there in Vienna the access to the public shuttle isn't regulated, so everyone (with and without ticket) is able to use the metro, the tram (there they call it 'Strassenbahn'), the bus or whatever transport in the city without paying anything. But I think that's possible thanks to Austrian's honour: if they must pay, they'll pay though it's possible to go against law without being punished. They're really respectable.
The second one, there in Austria everything is as practic as possible, which is very positive. By this way, they save enough money to invest in their owns and make a better city from Vienna's heart.
But appart from all that, my voyage has been very complete (not relaxed at all) and now, as I try to rest a few, just arrived from the airport, I start to tell you my adventures there, in fair Vienna! :)