domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

The Melodifestivalen 2013!

Once again, as usual, we had an incredible music show yesterday night. The recently built Friends Arena (until now, Sweden's biggest arena ever) held the 52nd edition of the Swedish Melodifestivalen, one of the best music contests all over Europe. And, of course, we have a brand-new winner, Robin Stjernberg, who won the competition with his brilliant song 'You'. But the show was quite long, so let's have a look and see what happened yesterday night inside that great arena!
To start with the show, a bunch of well-known Swedish artists took the stage. After that, the hosts, Danny Saucedo and Gina, introduced the first performance. It was Ulrik Munther's 'Tell The World I'm Here', who finally got the third position. A good song, and a great singer, made the perfect mixture to have won the competition, but unfortunatelly it wasn't so.

The second contestant taking the brilliant stage was the great David Lindgren, who performed his song 'Skyline' getting the 8th place despite the good performance he did on stage. Anyway, well done David!

One by one, the rest of contestants took the stage, but I'd like to remark specially one of them, called Anton Ewald, who got the third place with his new-brand song 'Begging'. Here you are his impressing performance.

After showing the votes publically, Carola took the stage and performed her song 'Främling'. And, how not, Loreen took the stage to perform once again her worldwide hit 'Euphoria', with the help of a children's choir and using gestures language. Sounds beautifully enough?

And the winner was finally Robin Stjernberg, whose song 'You' -yes, a very short title, nothing sintactically difficult- won the competition gaining lots of votes in fact. To end up with this, here you are his brilliant performance. Enjoy, and remember we'll see each other again in just two months and eight days, ESC is getting so close! :)