domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Anna Bergendahl - The Army

This time, Anna Bergendahl, one of the most known Swedish singers, surprise us with this powerful ballad. A complete masterpiece, a complete magic song where you can feel how her voice crash into you, how it fills you up. In my opinion, this song reflects how Anna has grown up after her first song, This Is My Life, and how has she got better along the time, with the aid of herself. The only song that can free your spirit from its jail, the only song that can make you feel right, fine and reassuring, because the army she shows is the army of the future, the clearness and the happiness. A magic video filmed in Swedish fields, while the sun is hidding behind the mountains, and that orange and bright light appears from nothing to make you dream and fly as a bird. The pureness of white, the light green from the grass, the golden shine from the sun. That's one of these song taht you'll keep with you for a lifetime, and though time pass, it will still by your side until your death. So feel free to listen and enjoy, and fly with her (:

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