martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

Anna Bergendahl: Nothing Compares To You (:

In 2008, Anna Bergendahl entered the Swedish Idol. The Swedish star won it and astonish us with her amazing voice in magnific ballads such as this one, called Nothing Compares To You. She showed to Sweden and worldwide what is she able to do. And I have to say that's more than you can imagine. Indeed, she's a teenager more, maybe the best at heart, so sweet, so pretty, so loyal and friendly. But there's much more than that. It stills her voice, her awesome power to fill up a whole auditorium. She's the best, and though she couldn't pass to the final in Eurovision, I considerate her as the only and true winner. Because there are lots of annas, but Anna Bergendahl there's an only one (:

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