viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Fifteen years older, but you still as good as always (:

At first, I have to say there's no paper enough to write about everything on you. But it's worthy to write it, and to be written.
Much people can think you're one of those who forget their beliefs instantly, not reliable at all, unable to reach his own dreams. But there's nothing further from reality. You're very hopeful, and it's more, you spread the hope among those ones you share your life with. You're reliable and you're worthy to be loved by those ones who always care about you, because you always reply them with grateful and happiness, and that's bigger than everything you can find out. Right now, you have just begun a new path on your life: a shared life with your girlfriend, Anabel. And I'm sure it's gonna be succesful and magical to you. You deserve to have all I have just said, and much more.  Obviously, I'm not able to offer everything to you, but I can help you if you let me do it. It's time to thank you because of your help in those bad times, when I felt scared when looking into my future, when I felt lonely, forgotten by everyone. You were in there though it wasn't easy, you did it right, and it's time to be grateful to you.  I hope you’re gonna  by always by her side. You both deserve to be happy, and I hope you're gonna take it easy, minding in every step as the last one, and in each day as the last one on earth. You're gonna love each other intensely, I'm sure, like a tree in the middle of a powerful storm that keeps standing up though there's no strength enough to do it, like a bright flame that burns up among the centuries, like a blue velvet sky of milky stars, whose light will never shut down. You deserve it, I do swear it. Your love for her is unstoppable, so don't let it stop. HAPPY B-DAY ANTONIO (:

P.S.: I know you're interested in learnig Italian, so here you are: A Paolo Meneguzzi's song, to inspire you to write new status on your profile :) 

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