sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

Once upon a time a girl called Cris :)

Cris, cris, cris. Your name is always kept inside my mind. I can remember yet the moment when I heard your sweet name for the first time. I was with Clara, and we both were working on a special countdown: days to see you in Málaga. Since that moment, our friendship has grown up. And so is how your name became my forth surname, because now you're the prettiest part of myself, the hope that shines inside my heart, the clearness in the early morning, the bright moon that guides me wherever I go. So please don't leave, because I really need you. Because you dry the tears from my face when I feel sad, because you hold me with all your strength every time I fall down, because you put a smile on my face when my sky becomes dark and stars keep themselves behind the clouds, because you bring the peace to my heart with your forgiveness, because you help me to take the right way and not the wrong one. You make me better at heart, maybe the best, but at soul I can't compare to yours. Indeed, that's all I want to say, because you are the lighthouse who guides through the sea the ship I sail in. I can't live without you, so don't go NEVER. Be mine FOREVER :)

Dedicated to Cris Rayo with all my love.

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