miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

The 57th Eurovision | Semifinal 1

Yesterday, an overall of 18 countries took the stage inside the new Baku Crystal Hall to fight for a pass to the grand final, to be held at the same place this Saturday. The show, hosted by Eldar Qasimov (2011 winner) and two other famous Azerbaijan presenters, was powerful, colorful, and really spectacular. However, as you can see, there are no important differences between this semifinal and last year's one. The technics are still the same, and though Azerbaijan authorities said that the 2012 edition will be 'different from previous ones', the supposed-to-be 'great' differences have gone unnoticed. But apart from that, the show was very appealing and every performance was simply brilliant. The new stage, the design, and other things have been well-received by everyone. On these days, Baku is involved on the very Europe's music party. Eurovision is in everywhere around the city. So much so that even the local taxis will show the embleme and slogan of this edition as Eurovision stays there.
 To present each country, they covered the Baku Crystal Hall with thousands of lights, which formed the flag of every country a few seconds before their respective performance. Some videos were showed to reflect the Azerbaijani culture, according to the music and other local tratditions.
 The first semifinal started at 9 pm in the evening (12 pm in Baku). After the Eurovision hymn (Te Deum, by Antoine Charpentier) began a presentation about the Azerbaijan and the host city. After that, the hosts presented the event and explained the new voting system. And when everything was ready, Montenegro opened oficially the contest. Among all the countries, we have chosen the following performaces to be shown right here. Anyway, you can find out every performance on eurovision.tv or on Eurovision's Youtube official channel. Enjoy!
 The second country taking the stage was Iceland. The northern country was represented by Jonsi (who represented Iceland in 2004 too) and Greta, a professional violinist that astonished Europe with her master performance on the violin. This is, for the moment, one of the favourite countries to get the crystal microphone, and their performance was like this!

After their performance, it was time to welcome miss Eleftheria, representing Greece. The song, as you saw, looks very catchy, and the performance was so attractive. But some pictures look better than a thounsand words, so here you are.
And the fifth place on stage was for Albania. These are bad times for the Balcan country. Recently, some youths died on a bus crash, and that fact has shocked everyone in Albania. The Albanian song was Suus, a magical ballad performed by Rona Nishliu. Rona's voice is one of the best voices I have ever heard. I don't know even why's she able to reach so high notes, as she did. It was fantastic, and much more!

 Inmediatly after Rona's performance, the only song in Spanish (apart from Spain's entry) took the stage. The song was performed by the fair leadsinger of the Romanian group Mandinga, and got a place on the grand final. The song is quite rythmic, and the chorus very catchy. I simply love it!
The 8th country on stage was Belgium. The European country was represented by Iris, performing the song Would You. I didn't notice for real about the beauty of this amazing  song until I listened to it yesterday night on the semifinal. I have to say it inmediatly captured my whole attention. I'm sorry because she couldn't pass, but she has got at least a good place among European audience, for that great voice.

After Iris, it was great Pernilla who took the stage. The Finnish singer sang the song När Jag Blundar, featuring her brother (on the violonccelo). The song she sang was dedicated to her mother, a complete eurovision fan. The performance was so great, I would say even extraordinary, but unfortunately Pernilla didn't pass. Apart from that, you did your best, Pernilla!
San Marino was represented by Valentina Monetta. The song, titled The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh - Oh Oh) made the audience dance and move. The performance was quite funny, and though she didn't pass the semifinal, we had fun and we had time to smile.
Denmark was represented by Soluna Sammay, a Danish street singer who became famous in her country with just six years. Her performance was maybe the most useful according to the stage using (the pictures they showed during the performing were quite beautiful) and of course, the song is just a very hit. A complete favorite to win, we'll see what happens the Saurday.

Hungary was a very remarkable country. Compact Disco, a band awarded by MTV performed The Sound of our Hearts representing the already mentioned country. The song sound quite good, and they really deserved to pass, as of course they did!
The last country was Ireland. Twice, the northern country was represented by Jedward, those famous twins who made us dance with their 'Lipstick' and another complete hits as 'Bad Behaviour'. Yesterday night they performed Waterline, getting a pass for the final. I hope they win, they really deserve it. Once more, they regneth over Europe's music, and this time, I think the don't let their crown go away!

I see you on Thursday. The Second semifinal seems to be quite exciting!