jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Roman Lob shone inside Baku Crystal hall

With jus 21 years, Roman Lob has reached what no one imagined. The handsome guy, representing Germany, finally got the 8th place, getting an overall of 110 points from many different countries. And that's amazing, for him and for his country, Germany, which hasn't got bad positions anymore since Lena's first appearance on the European Contest.
Just after Spain's performance, it was time to enjoy with one of the sweetest boys I've ever known. The German singer took the satge with the song 'Standing Still', all a sensation in Baku. Even before the Grand Final it was one of the clear favorites to win the contest. His performance was simple, but because of that he made himself so amazing. He showed that he's able to sing whatever they set in front of him, and he finally captured thousands of Europeans' hearts. His performing was quite brilliant, and his voice, a perfect touch for a lovely song that talks about a guy who brokes up with his girlfriend (it could seem very usual, but the way Roman does it makes it so much better) and finally has to stand alone. 
We all supported them, and I've got to say that he was my favourite. One of my televote sms were for him, and I think it was because of him, his voice, and his master performance on the stage of one of the best Eurovision Song Contests ever. Congrats Roman, you did your best, and we're quite proud of what you are, and what you'll became. You are the best!