domingo, 13 de mayo de 2012

Happy B-Day Alexander! :D

Today it’s a special day for me. Today, my greatest idol, the one who made me believe in myself, the one who made me live life as a fairytale, fair and sweet Alexander Rybak, is 26, and I want to thank him a lot of great moments, all them because of his magic songs and smiles.
 Alexander was born 26 years ago in Minsk, Belarus, when it was a part of the USSR, so long ago. At the age of four, his family moved to Norway, and since that moment, the career of the most adorable among all singers and musicians began. Alexander learnt to play the violin and the piano, supported by his parents (they both were prestigious musicians within Norway) and soon, his prestige began to grow up like wildfire.
 In the year 2005, Alexander entered the Norwegian version of Idol, reaching the semifinals, and after that appearance, he finally entered the TV program hosted by NRK and titled ‘The Great Opportunity’ with his own composition ‘Foolin’, a really modern music masterpiece.
Until that moment, Alexander had won so many prizes due to his work and composition, but the best of all was about to come.
 In 2009, great Alexander Rybak entered the NRK preselection show for Eurovision, the well-known ‘Melodi Grand Prix’. Since the first time, Alexander was the complete favorite, so much so that he won the contest with a difference of more than 600000 votes away from the second one.
Instantly, Alexander Rybak became a clear favorite to win Eurovision, and no one apart from him would be able to face him on the final. His success spread throughout Europe amazingly soon, and betting odds were lead by the best Norwegian singer and violinist of all times.

 Finally, the Second Semifinal’s day arrive, and it was time for Alexander, featuring the dance company ‘Frikar’ to take the stage and do their best, exactly as they did. The staging was so original, and almost every country gave Norway the best score. If he was the favorite since the first time, now he was really the absolute favorite to earn a brilliant and soft crystal microphone from Dima Bilan’s hands. 
The day of the Final finally arrive. The greatest stage (because of its size, obviously) in Eurovision history was invaded by an overall of 25 countries, each one with a different staging, more or less spectacular, but quite good anyway. And among them, dear Alexander shone again with his own light. 
The voting arrived, and the hosts of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest began to show the results, from 42 countries around Europe. Spain (my own country) was the first one, and how amazing… could you guess where were the 12 points to? To Norway, obviously! And so, 12 by 12 (with some exceptions, but almost 12 by 12) Alexander Rybak finall scored an overall of 387 points, which is the greatest score ever scored in Eurovision history, and they have to pass so many years to get it better.
Dima Bilan delivered the trophy to Alexander, who was standing on stage with a big smile, and with a bit of bewilderment. He couldn’t believe he had won the Eurovision Song Contest, and I’ll go further, he couldn’t believe he had scored the biggest score ever! His amazing voice filled up the Olimpiski for twice, and a spectacular magic raised over Europe. The next stop would be Norway, and Alexander would be the honour host, no doubt!

 But before Eurovision, Alexander received an unique opportunity: he was selected to perform during the Nobel Prize Delivery Ceremony, held every year in fair Oslo. That year it was the famous President of the U.S., very honorable Barack Obama, who received the prize according to his working to spread the peace worldwide. Alexander Rybak performed that year amazingly good, with an awesome staging (featuring the dance company Frikar, of course) and with a very famous host: Hollywood’s star Will Smith, who presented his performance as a finishing touch. The perfect end for an unforgettable night!

Finally, the 29th May 2010 Eurovision’s final came back definitively to Norway: a huge Telenor Arena (some kilometers away from Oslo) was ready to host and broadcast to Europe the biggest TV show ever imagined.  The opening act, as always, was conducted by Alexander Rybak, who performed his theme ‘Fairytale’ in middle of a crowded arena, excited and so, so nervous and glad. His performance, once more, was really great, and a perfect beginning for a perfect night, whose winner was Germany, represented on stage by young Lena Meyer-Landrut, with his hit ‘Satellite’. When delivering the crystal trophy, Alexander had time enough to make some jokes and even kiss her lips, trying to fool adorable Lena. It was a moment I will never forget, and I think that’s why Eurovision is always so magic.
 Alexander Rybak has also appeared on many Scandinavian and European TV shows. In addition, after winning the 54th Eurovision in Moscow, the Norwegian singer started a tour around Europe. He’s success on TV is so remarkable. For example, Alexander has performed so many songs and talked a lot about his own things and his life during Norwegian TV shows as God Morgen Norge, ‘Så ska det låta’ or Fin Fredag, and has been an inestimable guest on the famous TV show ‘Allsang på Grensen’, which is broadcasted to Norway and Sweden.

 Alexander has been to a source of inspiration for everybody, even for directors. As an actor, Alexander Rybak has appeared on different films, and a famous Norwegian director has filmed a movie about his road to Moscow. The film was titled ‘Fairytale’. Alexander has also put his violin and his voice for the Russian science fiction film ‘Black Lighting’, which became a very important cinematographic production in Russia. I’m talking, of course, about his song ‘I don’t believe in miracles’, Super Hero.
 Since 2009, Alexander Rybak has released an overall of three amazing albums, titled ‘Fairytales’ (2009) ‘No Boundaries’ (2010) and ‘Visa vid vindens ängar’ (2011). These albums include his most relevant songs, and a list of masterpieces composed, performed and sung by the Norwegian singer.
All his songs, without exception, are lovely, sweet and perfect, and it’s difficult to me to compare their quality. But instead, I’ll talk about my favorite ones.
Of course, fairytale, one of the sweetest love stories I’ve ever heard, composed entirely by Alexander, after winning Eurovision became a hit all around Europe, and  reached the top in all East European countries’ charts.
Europe’s Skies is another of his bestests pieces. The music video is probably his best one, and was filmed in Ukraine. The song is nostalgic, and the lyrics are just amazing:
‘’I don’t know you
But I need more time,
Promise me,
You’ll be mine.
Birds are flying over Europe’s skies
Tell me, please
Why can’t I?’’

 I can’t forget about ‘Rolling With The Wind’, ‘Funny Little World’,  ‘Oah’, ‘5000 Letters’, Abandoned’, ‘Disney Girls’, ‘Kiss and Tell’, ‘Suomi’, ‘If you were gone’, ‘Dolphin’, ‘First Kiss’ or ‘Thirteen Horses’. The last one has a special meaning according to what happened in Norway last year. I’m talking about Utoya attacks, where many  innocents lost their lives while defending freedom. The song became instantly an hymn, and I have to say it’s difficult for me to listen to this song without crying.  It’s so, so sad.
Apart from all those songs, Alexander has made many covers. The most relevant: ‘I’m Yours’, ‘500 Miles’ and ‘No Milk Today’.
 Well, it was all. I hope you liked it so much. Time has passed, life has changed, but no one could make me forget, how glad Alexander make me feel. Just because that, as a great fan, I thank him about all that, and I tell you that though the years pass, I will be always a proud fisher who sails through the nicest, sweetest, most perfect, loveliest, happiest, kindest,… sea, or as I call it, ALEXANDER RYBAK(: