domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Herman's Hermits | No Milk Today

Sometimes it's great to look in rewind. The past hides so many things, and so many good songs and singers. Then, it's time to do it.
The past week, I was searching for one of my greatest idol - Alexander Rybak - versions, and I found a very pretty song that filled up my soul. It was the first time I had listened to that, and I didn't know what song was that one. And what a surprise! The song was from a British band from the 60's, like The Beatles, and I have to say they have shown me that music is always fine and great, no matter how old it is. 
The song talks about love, and to punctualise, about when love goes away. Milk represents the gladness, the sweetness of the love, and 'No Milk Today' means that love is over, that sweet moments are now out of time. The arrangement reminds me of some great songs from Liverpool's most famous gropu of all times, and the same occurs with the second voices and the chorus. Listen to it, it's worthy!